adding value enhancing sustainability

We invest in a greener future.

Our recycling solutions enable our customers to dispose of their telecommunications equipment in an environmentally sound, cost-efficient and responsible manner. These solutions generate genuine added value while contributing to the sustainability of our environment.

The ORC circular economy

  1. Disassembly

    First, our team of experienced specialists undertakes disassembly of your unwanted technology at your premises.
  2. Transport

    The old telecom infrastructure is then either taken to our company or goes directly to the e-waste disposal company, depending on what has been agreed.
  3. Sorting and recycling

    The materials are manually separated and sorted in preparation for being returned to the materials cycle.
  4. Sustainable disposal

    Recycling and reuse give the components a second life.

Good reasons to recycle with ORC

Environmental protection

  • Reduction of e-waste
  • Promotion of the circular economy
  • Environmentally sound, certified recycling
  • Reuse of scarce raw materials

Second life

  • Second life thanks to reuse and repair

Data security

  • Security of sensitive data is protected
  • Data are securely erased or destroyed
  • Data protection and compliance requirements are fulfilled

Cost efficiency

  • Conservation of resources, lower costs
  • Sellable equipment is stored and placed on the secondary market
  • Recycling generates revenues


  • Helping to shape a sustainable future
  • Carbon footprint is minimized
  • Contribution is made to a cleaner world
  • Scarce resources are conserved and their consumption is reduced

Environmental awareness

  • Fostering environmental awareness
  • Increased social responsibility
  • Positive reputation and brand image

Our achieve­ments

Our environmental report, produced in collaboration with the international environmental protection organization myClimate, documents the carbon savings generated by purchasing our refurbished products or services in comparison with the purchase of new products. The results are based on well-founded scientific calculations.

ORC supports sustainable business! ORC has been an active signatory of the WIN Charta of the State of Baden-Württemberg since September 2022, joining forces with other companies in the state in a pledge to sustainability.

Sample environmental certificate

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