revitalizing technology enhancing performance

Reducing waste

We buy all brands and models of used telecommunications equipment from our customers to give them a second lease of life.

Reviving used telecom technology

Our specialists safely and reliably collect your used technology and conduct an assessment.

The purchase process is simple, convenient and transparent. Functional equipment is cleaned, repaired and inspected in our own test centre. After refurbishment, the products are then sold on the refurbished market.

Choosing used technology can result in significant cost savings without having to compromise on performance or reliability.

Our aim is to optimally serve your requests with our high-quality refurbished devices.

Everything from a single source

Do you require a specific service, or are you seeking end-to-end assistance throughout the process? You’ve come to the right place. We have years of expertise and are able to offer you bespoke solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

Semi-automated processing
Short turnaround times
ORC's own in-house testing programmes
Optimized packaging

  1. Sale and purchase

    We draw on our network of global partners to procure your technology. Our experts conduct an assessment of your systems and make you a clear and transparent offer.

  2. Configuration

    We supply you with bespoke telecommunications system solutions that meet your functionality needs at significantly lower costs than new systems.

  3. Refurbishment

    Following a meticulous fault analysis, we perform repairs to mechanical components, remedy mechanical defects, clean the equipment and erase any stored data.

  4. Packaging and shipping

    We use only reusable product-specific packaging systems. We have special solutions in place for transporting particularly sensitive equipment.

  5. Testing

    Our 1,100-m² in-house test centre is home to our functional component and assembly testing operations, with over 160 different testing systems available.

used technology without compromising on quality

Inspiring customers

We supply reliable, ready-for-use products and expert purchasing and sale advice.

The key to our success is our highly qualified team of engineers, technicians, electricians and experienced commercial staff. From our technical department to our logistics operations, we guarantee quality in every area.

Recognized standards and certified quality

Our internal workflows are comprehensively documented, transparent and traceable. This enables us to ensure that all work processes are performed in line with the defined instructions and regulations. We are thus able to guarantee consistent quality to the highest level.

Waste disposal certificate

Size 3.0 MiB


Quality Management Certificate

Size 535.5 KiB


putting products to the test

Efficient warehousing

Flexible delivery scheduling system

  • Reduces set-up times
  • Can be applied to all items
  • Highly flexible system, even where changes in supply requirements are involved
  • Efficient C-part management due to optimized volumes
  • Low implementation cost and effort

Kanban secures the flow of goods

  • Self-regulating control circuit
  • Reduces material stock levels and capital tie-up
  • Shortens throughput times
  • Can be combined with reusable container system

Consignment stock system: flexible and reliable

  • Reduces set-up times
  • Can be applied to all items
  • Highly flexible system, even where there are changes in supply requirements
  • Efficient C-part management due to optimized volumes
  • Low implementation cost and effort