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Test center

Our state-of-the-art test centre occupies a spacious 1,100 m² and offers an impressive 160 different telecommunications systems.

Ensuring quality every step of the way

Using sophisticated methods and proven test instructions, we can configure telecommunications systems for testing to enable a large number of system components to be tested in line with ESD protective measures and with a high level of thoroughness.

Our specialist staff use calibrated cutting-edge measurement equipment to perform extensive functional testing. They inspect the parameters of the optical and electrical interfaces, such as transmission and reception, bit error rate and clocking, and analyse the optical spectrum.

Our Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) provides all-round protection for people and materials.

Top-level testing and monitoring

Our services

  • System configuration and interface analysis
  • Inspection and reconditioning of CPE (customer premises equipment)
  • Refurbishment of system components / assemblies / routers
  • Software customization by licence extension
  • Repairs
  • Experimental setups
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interaction testing
  • System planning
  • Cable manufacturing


Automated testing

We design our own automated testing programs for cost-effective testing of large amounts of customer premises equipment (routers / DSL modems).

Steffen Beigel

Laboratory Manager

Tel.: +49 7251 93487 532