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As good as new

As specialists in the sale and purchase of used telecommunications technology, we provide sustainable solutions that enable our customers to buy high-quality products while helping to reduce electrical and electronic waste at the same time.

Sustainability in action

We perform an in-depth assessment of your systems and buy them from you for a reasonable market price. After purchase, we take care of disassembly and collection of the equipment from your premises.

We buy all brands and versions of telecommunications technology. Our expert teams look after disassembly, collection and secure data erasure from storage media.

By selling your unwanted technology instead of scrapping it, you gain significant added value and have the opportunity to finance your new systems directly.

We guarantee full functionality with two years’ warranty on tested components and three years on complete systems.

Global partner network

We can draw on our long-established international network of partners to procure end-of-life and hard-to-find systems for you. You can thus obtain all leading brands of transmission and access technologies (SDH/SONET, xWDM, OTN, Carrier Ethernet etc.).

  • Lower costsLower purchase costs than new systems
  • Fast deliveryHigh stock levels and global logistics partner network
  • Rigorous
    testing process
    In our state-of-the-art test center with our trained experts
  • Co-financing of
    successor systems
    Purchase of your unwanted equipment for recycling

We have what you want - and take away what you no longer need

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Temu Diaab

Head of Sales

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"Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why it is important to us to provide all customers with personal and intensive support so that we can tailor each service specifically to their needs."